Inventory of Homes in Broomfield

What a great time to sell your home around Broomfield.  Sellers can expect to sell quickly and at the  top of the price bucket too.  We have closed 4 homes already and all went under contract in days and above the list price.  Sellers had multiple offers to choose from and that’s always a nice opportunity.   A different opportunity for the buyers of course.  Buyers you have to be ready to go look at homes the day they become active and make the decision while looking.

This is creating some challenges for the seller to list their home, as where will they live?  Good challenge.  The sellers moving away from Broomfield are in a sweet spot as they list-sell-move out of town.  Today I have multiple sellers who want to make a lifestyle change of their home situation.  This is often selling that multiple level or 2 story to have a main level floor plan.  These sellers want to stay in Broomfield and those ranches plan are lacking in some non-negotiable items.  We can find lots of one car garage ranch’s but that’s a tough sell.  Master bath are tough to find in old Broomfield as well.  I’ll write up on the new home builders as a solution soon.

Found a solution over in Whistlepig Estates if I can come up with $1.6 million.  Temp housing with room for a couple of families…short term.   5 beds, 6 baths and 7 car garage to start.  Laundry in the bedrooms too.  Living areas all oversized and back stairs from the kitchen will make plenty of room and privacy for two families while seeking a home in Broomfield.  Check it out here;

This home is off Aspen St north of 136th and before Dillon Rd.  10,000 horse arena and care taker home along with 5 more acres for just 1.0 mil more.   No kidding this is a great estate type home.  The other solution to where to live after selling your home and you can’t move into the replacement home is the Extended Stay hotels.  Lots of first class new hotels at 36 and Church Ranch Road.

When you need help with your Real Estate questions we are here to help.  Total Market Knowledge that advises you to make the best decision for your unique situation.  It’s about achieving your goals first.

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