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Main Floor Living in Broomfield

Its a new breed of ranch homes reports the Wall St Journal recently and that is very true around Broomfield.  The main floor ranch flow and open concept is far more popular than only to the + 55 crowd.  The wide open spaces and very nice finishes all on one floor is a selling feature with wide appeal.

My typical ranch style clients are late 40’s and early 50’s who have enjoyed all the benefits of an active Colorado lifestyle.  Running,  climbing mountains,  biking, skiing, sports and more!  This can make those stairs in their current home not as fun as doing the other activity.  So we help sell their 2-story and the split levels that were massively built in the Denver metro and get them into the ranch.

For the +55 crowd Anthem Ranch in Broomfield has several thousand complete homes and Toll Brothers is building out the last thousand or so sites on the Ranch side.  Anthem Highlands is the non age restricted side which has 4 builders going full speed on homes and quite a few are the ranch type.

Take a look at this short video if you haven’t been to this part of Broomfield lately.   https://youtu.be/DsvB2X-1ovo    The model community is a great way to see the really well done designer touches/styles for ideas for your home.  The prices from Toll start around $500k if you wanted walls and quickly go to above $800k.  The Highlands side you can get into from the high $300’s.

Thinking about the long term opportunity of buying a ranch and the trend of demographics would tell us that the ranch is going to be very popular in Broomfield.   The ranch homes of today have higher ceiling and are very bright inside unlike those 70’s homes you may have grown up in or remember.  You can enjoy and live many years in this type of home even if you develop some age or sports related opportunity.

We would love to help you with your plans for main lifestyle living.  My Broomfield office keeps us right in the thick of this fast growing and popular home choice.  Total Market Knowledge and fun of course!

Win Win for buyers and sellers.

Real Estate is always local and about location, location, location.   The state of the national market is about as useful as the average weather temp to decide what to wear outside in Broomfield.   We have some unique things in the real estate market here.  Low inventory, increasing home price and builders who can’t staff their work sites all make an impact.

Home prices continue to move at a nice  appreciation rate.  In 2012 the average price jumped +8.5% and 2013 was up another 9%.  This was driven by the lack of inventory and we expect this to continue through 2014.  No crystal ball stuff here but simply market forces.  If inventory remains tight price trend is upwards.  This can be that win time for the sellers who want to list their homes.

Interests rates continue to be very low as you look at the historical standards.  The 70’s=9%, 80’s=13%, 90’s=8%, 00’s=6.5 and today you can get around 4.5% with a decent credit score.   With a 60k income and a 4.5% rate that household can still afford a $275k home.  That is the win for the buyers.

Sellers need to be ready to move quickly as they will get many offers to choose from and a darn good price too.  In some cases we will get the sellers a 59 day from close rent back to ensure the seller will find that new home.  Buyers likewise must offer a strong market price with few conditions asked from the seller.

The next blog will talk strategy for buyers and sellers in this market and under our Broomfield/Denver specific conditions.  You can see that it is the win-win time.  We can work with you to navigate through whichever side you are coming at Real Estate to achieve your goals.



Inventory of Homes in Broomfield

What a great time to sell your home around Broomfield.  Sellers can expect to sell quickly and at the  top of the price bucket too.  We have closed 4 homes already and all went under contract in days and above the list price.  Sellers had multiple offers to choose from and that’s always a nice opportunity.   A different opportunity for the buyers of course.  Buyers you have to be ready to go look at homes the day they become active and make the decision while looking.

This is creating some challenges for the seller to list their home, as where will they live?  Good challenge.  The sellers moving away from Broomfield are in a sweet spot as they list-sell-move out of town.  Today I have multiple sellers who want to make a lifestyle change of their home situation.  This is often selling that multiple level or 2 story to have a main level floor plan.  These sellers want to stay in Broomfield and those ranches plan are lacking in some non-negotiable items.  We can find lots of one car garage ranch’s but that’s a tough sell.  Master bath are tough to find in old Broomfield as well.  I’ll write up on the new home builders as a solution soon.

Found a solution over in Whistlepig Estates if I can come up with $1.6 million.  Temp housing with room for a couple of families…short term.   5 beds, 6 baths and 7 car garage to start.  Laundry in the bedrooms too.  Living areas all oversized and back stairs from the kitchen will make plenty of room and privacy for two families while seeking a home in Broomfield.  Check it out here;


This home is off Aspen St north of 136th and before Dillon Rd.  10,000 horse arena and care taker home along with 5 more acres for just 1.0 mil more.   No kidding this is a great estate type home.  The other solution to where to live after selling your home and you can’t move into the replacement home is the Extended Stay hotels.  Lots of first class new hotels at 36 and Church Ranch Road.

When you need help with your Real Estate questions we are here to help.  Total Market Knowledge that advises you to make the best decision for your unique situation.  It’s about achieving your goals first.

How to recognize a great agent in Broomfield

We have been reviewing agent production around the Broomfield and metro area for our year beginning meeting.  There are over 17,000 licensed agents and 9735 agents had at least 1+ closing leaving about 45% with NO Closing!    Which agent do you want to work with in selling your home or to help you through the buying process?   It really does make a difference as we know you should want to reduce hassle and increase your happiness.

You can ask how many closing your agent had and for the last two years with 30 on average I’m in that top  9% of all agents.  But maybe you want to check an agent out before meeting and that’s pretty easy these days.  For the listing agents you look at the web for some basic things.  How about photos to start?   When I find a home with no photos I just move on and I bet you do too.   A good Realtor can load 25 photos into the MLS along with  a video show.

There is a great new Ranch home in Broomfield that has only exterior photos and that’s better than none.   Does that give the seller the best service and maximum exposure to sell the home?  Here is the outside I shot today for a client.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYtzWHBAAAA&feature=share&list=UU-ABrhA8pWvgybeBwPC-lOQ

A few other quick checks in your selection of an agent to list in Broomfield is how are home showing set?   How do buyers agent get those showing instructions and approval?    A service that allows net access, phone access or can you call for that quick approval.   There are some you call the agent who may not always be available to quickly set the showing.  For sellers a text permission from the owner is simplest for many owners.   Lots of ways and what is the easiest to get the buyers in should be the goal.

For the buyers agents here in Broomfield it’s simple questions to check market knowledge.  Do they know West of Sheridan is Boulder Valley Schools and that East side is Adams 12?   The buyers usually know what district they want and you should expect your agent to have this minimum of knowledge.   Where is the church, Starbucks, dog parks, gym and liquor stores are common questions I get asked!

I work full time around Broomfield and the northern metro and love the excitement of connecting seller’s and buyers for that win-win  transaction.   When you are ready for that kind of service then give me a call and lets work out the path to get you to where you want to be.